“The LEGUS Network provides a two-way benefit through referrals: 1) Referrals of new clients to our firm from other LEGUS members, which generates fees and profits for our firm; and, just as importantly, 2) referrals of our clients to other LEGUS members whom we know and trust, for work we cannot do.  Our firm and our clients benefit every year from our membership in LEGUS.”

-Kirk Hartung, McKee, Voorhees & Sease, Iowa

  • Benefits for your Clients

    Every year hundreds of good cases that require experienced legal minds are passed between LEGUS members around the world.  Some of these are extremely interesting cases, yet in all instances LEGUS members have provided the client with outstanding service in and out of their local jurisdictions.

    016Being a LEGUS member, your firm can expect to receive the referrals going into your jurisdiction from other LEGUS members.  LEGUS requires that all outgoing referrals are high quality cases that demand high quality lawyers.  Hence, the cases referred to LEGUS members are good cases  – no junk referrals allowed!

    Expanding your client base worldwide can help the firm enhance its revenue stream, gain visibility in un-served markets and be the go to law firm for all LEGUS members with client needs in the jurisdiction you serve.

  • LEGUS Members Work Together to Unravel Multi-Million Dollar Fradulent Bank Loan Applications

    A banking client of mine discovered that one of its borrowers had submitted false and fradulent information to obtain a series of loans totaling approximately $3 million that were supposed to be secured by a fleet of automobiles.The borrower was located in Nashville, Tennesee.  I contacted Linda Klein of our LEGUS member Baker Donelson and she immediately put me in touch with a partner in their Nashville office.  They jumped on the matter right away without delay.  

    Jeff Johnson, Partner at LEGUS member May Oberfell Lorber in Indiana, USA

    This transaction exemplifies the value and benefit of being a member of LEGUS.  I have been able to provide my client with excellent local legal assistance and I know that if anything were not being handled right I could contact Linda and she would get to the bottom of the matter.  And the referral receiving law firm has received a huge benefit as well as it will earn a substantial legal fee handling this very serious matter for my banking client.

    Working together, thus far we have been able to get a forensic accounting firm into the borrowers’ offices, which helped us force the borrower into filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and we were able to obtain a Chapter 11 Trustee to take over the accomplished without the expert assistance of the Nashville office of Baker Donelson.  Their attorneys knew the local legal landscape and were able to guide us through to a successful start to this process.  There is still plenty of work to be done, but we are off to a very good start.