One Member, One Jurisdiction

“The one member, one jurisdiction benefit allows members to share information with similarily situated law firms, and provides access to an excellent network for referrals without competition for receiving referrals from within your own jurisdiction.”

–Richard Wittbrodt, Gibbs, Giden, Locher, Turner, Senet & Wittbrodt, California

  • No Competition.

    Each member of LEGUS was selected to represent their jurisdiction through a careful screening process that helps identify firms who can, and do, meet the high quality standards expected of LEGUS members.

    Once a LEGUS member is selected in a jurisdiction, it will generally be the only LEGUS member in that jurisdiction and will receive the referrals into that area from other LEGUS members.

    The one member, one jurisdiction LEGUS standard allows our members to network with each other in an open and candid format because there is no competitive aspects to membership.

    Being the “GO TO” law firm in a jurisdiction can enhance your firm’s visibility on a worldwide basis.