“Our Firm has received many quality referrals of legal work from other LEGUS members in our 11+ years in the organization.  Equally important to us is the fact that we can confidently refer our clients to LEGUS members in other jurisdictions and know they will be well represented.”

–Bill Watkins, Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper, New Jersey

  • Increased Worldwide Connections

    The networking between members during LEGUS meetings lends itself to the development of referrals and business generation which adds a great deal of value to LEGUS membership.  Interaction between members is not limited to social and education session at LEGUS meetings, members also interact via email, phone and personal visits throughout the year.

    Through the LEGUS networking opportunities and interaction, members have increased and expanded their connections around the world.  These connections have increased the ability for LEGUS members to serve their clients when their needs go beyond their borders and when their needs require additional expertise.