International Client Services

“LEGUS Membership means we remain the first port of call for our clients with international business.  We can trust our fellow LEGUS members in the same way our clients trust us.  We feel this gives our clients the optimum international service available, and gives us an advantage in the marketplace.”

-Campbell Clark, Blackadders, Scotland

  • Optimum International Service.

    Perhaps the most important aspect of LEGUS membership is the time-saving aspect of knowing, trusting and having confidence in the law firm you are handing your work to, which minimizes the time you would spend qualifying a firm outside your jurisdiction.

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    Based on the relationships built as a member of LEGUS, you can send your client to a friend not just a colleague.  When a LEGUS member receives a referral from another LEGUS member, you can be assured that it will be dealt with immediately and with high priority- unlike what you would receive from an unknown law firm you identify in another jurisdiction.

    Through LEGUS your clients can be served world-wide by a high quality legal team around the world.  Clients are grateful for the excellent service provided through your LEGUS contacts.  This can and will enhance and expand your firm’s reputation globally.

    104LEGUS members have complete trust and confidence in each other which provides them the ability to send their clients to each other without hesitation and confident that they will receive the same high quality service no matter which LEGUS member is serving them worldwide.  Providing the highest quality legal services to clients is of the utmost importance to LEGUS members.