“The members of LEGUS get to know each other and become true friends as a result of the attendance at the two meetings per year.  We develop a friendship that includes not only knowledge of other members’ law firm but we know about each other’s families and often correspond on topics that don’t even relate to business.  This kind of collegiality and personal relationship enhances the quality of service we provide to each other because we have more than simply a business relationship.  It is personal.”

–Jeff Johnson, May Oberfell Lorber, Indiana

  • More than Simply a Business Relationship

    Any network can provide the opportunity for lawyers to meet other lawyers around the world to network and interact.  LEGUS does it better.  LEGUS members have developed special relationships that go beyond providing quality legal services to each other’s clients.  The bond, respect and trust among members are remarkable in its uniqueness.

    LEGUS members depend on each other to bring the best value and service possible to their clients. LEGUS is a family.  When we search for new members in open jurisdictions, it is vital that the LEGUS culture be sustained by any new member joining the family.  All new members must have the substantive law groups needed to service clients, but new members must also share the core values of LEGUS for the bond, trust and respect to continue.