An Affordable Value

“When you consider LEGUS’ global reach, easy and trusted in-out referrals, seamless client service in foreign jurisdictions, superior quality firms and an incredibly collegial group of attorneys, the cost of membership is an unbeatable value.  Other benefits such as LEGUS’ solid educational and informative programs and marketing advantages are just icing on the cake.”

-Carla Sledge, Hutchinson Black and Cook, Colorado

  • Low cost + high benefit = value

    Providing the highest quality legal services to clients is of the utmost importance to LEGUS members.Through membership in LEGUS, our firms can enhance their substantive knowledge, their legal management knowledge and their ability to effectively serve clients worldwide.  The cost of membership allows our members to do this without the concern of high membership costs.DSJ_Legus_20120615_0264c

    LEGUS membership also can help enhance profits for the firm and individual practices through the knowledge gained from our educational programs, the information sharing between members and the management strategies shared designed to make good firms even better.

    We know that our LEGUS membership cost is lower than most other networks, while our benefits and value are top of the line.  This clearly tilts the value equation in favor of being a LEGUS member.

  • LEGUS Member Firms Deliver Value


    Because LEGUS membership is based generally on one member per jurisdiction, members receive the referrals from other LEGUS members around the world whose clients have work needs in that jurisdiction.  This provides an opportunity for members to increase their incoming work beyond their jurisdiction with no marketing costs.  Member firms do not “compete” with another firms to receive the LEGUS referrals.   Relationships formed through LEGUS add value not only to the LEGUS members, but to their clients.  Member firms provide the highest quality service possible because of the relationships formed through LEGUS.

    Because the cost of registration for meetings is low, members can attend the education and networking events in person which allows relationships and trust to be built, making it easier to send and receive referrals between members.