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Firm Overview

Tax Law and Accounting.
Fiscal analysis of inversion, new undertaking in the country and foreign.
Defense and statement of resources in administrative offices (Direction General Impositiva, Dirección de Rentas y Municipalidad del Interior) for complaints, etc.
Social reorganization (mergers, divisions) to national and international level.
Purchase and sale of titles in foreign, attending to own fiscal analysis.
Actuation in a resources way state in the presence of Familiar assignments Fiscal Tribunal of Nation and in following legal instances.
Attention to fiscal consultation (national and provincial charges), that after being written those will be answered, according the complexity in a maximum term of 48 hours.
Preparation and review of swearing declarations of national and provincial taxes in force.
Attention of inspections and fiscal proceedings.
Representation of societies or chambers in the presence of the different collecting organisms, legislative or technical.
Fiscal advisement in associative way adopted, obtaining profits of the news norms receives.
Monthly preparation of Informative Memorandums, notifying to the published dispositions in official bulletin, referring, when we estimate adequate, bibliography and jurisprudence of interest.
Juridical and Tax correspondent in countries integrating Mercosur.
Dictation of conferences, seminaries and expositions of themes, resigned to it is required.

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