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Hennie Barnard is the Chairman / Director and National Head of the Departments of Strauss Daly Attorneys. Charming and articulate, his specialisations are in Liquidations and Commercial Law. He joined the firm in 1985, and took the chair in 2001; and under his sagacious and superior management, it has become one of the most prestigious of South Africa’s law firms. Hennie himself has been administering large insolvent estates for the past 20 years and has taken appointments as liquidator and administrator of insolvent estates.

Strauss Daly is a national law firm with branches in all major centres, and is also represented in Namibia and Botswana. Current expansion plans include opening offices in Mauritius and Kenya, very exciting for the development of the firm and its clients.

The firm is also a member of the international network of Law Firms known as Legus International; and Hennie has the distinction of serving on the Advisory Board of the organisation. Members of Legus enjoy close relationships with one another through referrals, educational programming and an exchange of information regarding member law firm business operations. Lasting partnerships and friendships are cultivated in an environment of trust and confidence which ultimately improves the quality of member firms’ legal performance and their ability to service their clients’ business needs.

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