The Legus Edge

Membership in LEGUS can be a very valuable tool in serving clients worldwide, in all major practices and industries.  LEGUS membership provides a multitude of benefits to members.  But the true benefit of LEGUS only happens when members participate and build relationships with other members that directly benefit their firm and their clients.  Almost any legal network can claim similar benefits, but LEGUS truly creates lifelong relationships based on mutual trust, like-minded approaches and professional respect.  LEGUS relationships have enhanced membership and service to clients.


Get the Edge

Become a legus member


An Affordable Value

  • Minimal cost vs. strong benefits = value
  • Low registration fees = valuable onsite education and networking opportunities.
  • One member per jurisdiction provides members the opportunity to grow their practice outside their borders for virtually no cost.
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  • Receive referrals from around the world
  • Expand geographic service area
  • Be the “GO TO” firm for LEGUS members
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One Member, One Jurisdiction

  • Non-competitive environment
  • Be the “GO TO” firm for LEGUS in your jurisdiction
  • Recognized as a top law firm by LEGUS
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  • Cutting edge programs at LEGUS meetings
  • Top speakers
  • Practical and useful real life strategies that work are shared between members
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  • TRUST between members is vital to referral opportuntiites
  • Not only colleagues but friends who depend on each other to serve clients
  • RESPECT is a huge aspect of the relationship between LEGUS members
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  • Information sharing on a wide variety of legal industry and legal management topics
  • LEARN from each other’s experiences and mistakes to avoid your own mistakes
  • Develop relationships that lead to business generation
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International Client Services

  • Your clients can be served worldwide by a top quality legal team
  • Keep clients by keeping them happy
  • Enhance and expand your firm’s reputation worldwide
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A Worldwide Legal Team

  • Almost 2500 top lawyers worldwide to serve you and your clients
  • Expertise provided in all major practice areas worldwide
  • One call – get an answer almost anywhere in the world regarding almost any legal practice
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Information Sharing

  • Quick answers regarding effective management strategies when needed
  • Great ideas from experienced lawyers facing similar situations
  • Non-competitive environment allows sharing of unrestricted information and management tools
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