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Lawyer Paul Nunes also a children’s entertainer

The videographers are setting up the lights. The big paper roll, called a seamless, is for an ambient white background. The two-man crew tucks electrical cables out of the way. They don’t want any accidents. During the next five hours, more than three dozen kids will be skipping and dancing through a bright lobby on the University of Rochester campus, filming a music video for “No One’s Going to Keep Me Down.”

Paul Nunes has his own logistics to iron out. He’s made a morning Wegmans run after realizing the kids needed water and snacks. He’s fussing with a boombox, necessary for the kids to hear what they’re dancing to.

And he has a couple of piles of new, kid-sized T-shirts in red, blue, green, yellow — all logo-free. There will be no accidental licensing issues to deal with after this video shoot. “Do you know how expensive it is to pixilate something?” Nunes says. “It’s great to have legal counsel on the set.”

Legal counsel, that’s Nunes. He is a high-powered lawyer with the downtown firm of Underberg & Kessler. And the children’s entertainer Vincent? That’s Nunes as well. It’s not the conundrum it seems, he says. There’s really not much difference between representing the Australian government in foreclosure proceedings against the operators of Rochester’s fast ferry and singing about keeping your room in order.

At age 61, the music is spilling out of Nunes through his alter ego. And he’s recording songs with a band he’s calling The Occasional Saints, tuned for more adult-oriented material. Songs about couples reviving their marriages by picking up a 12-pack of beer and checking into a cheap motel.

Such flurries of activity, he concedes, sometimes happen in cancer survivors.

Nunes is a guy who understands the importance of time.

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