LEGUS Advantage

Worldwide Credentials Expertise & Technology of 2,500 Lawyers + Cost Efficiencies of a Mid-Size Firm = The LEGUS Advantage

Legus Italy  IMG_1542WHO ARE WE?

Founded in 1995, LEGUS is an international network of individual law firms located around the world who work together to provide the highest quality work and service to clients whose legal needs cross borders. LEGUS has carved out a cost effective process to provide the highest value to its clients through identifying and using practice and industry experts with the experience and knowledge needed to meet client expectations. This united effort has provided value for numerous clients around the world.


LEGUS BECAME THE ANSWER TO A PROBLEM. In a globally flattening society, a necessity was created that was common to law firms competing in a global market. For the past 20 years, LEGUS has been connecting law firms world-wide in order to procreate a mutually beneficial network and effectively serve clients.

LEGUS member firms are closely vetted to ensure consistently high-quality work, and for the breadth and depth of their experience. They handle thousands of transactional and dispute resolution matters at highly competitive rates.


LEGUS member law firms serve small to large corporations, non-profit organizations, professionals and individuals around the world.  Some of the largest corporations in the world hire LEGUS member law firms:

Microsoft, Banco Santander, Citibank, Johnson & Johnson, Lloyds Bank, Chevron, DuPont, Rolex, Volkswagen, National Grid, Merrill Lynch, Delta, Exxon Mobil, Arcelor Mittal, Avon, Weyerhauser, Bausch + Lomb, Nike, Pfizer, Sunbeam, Ford Motor Co., JP Morgan, Chase and Morgan Stanley.

Why? Because the depth and breadth of our expertise and experience, and the trust and confidence our members have in each other, give us a unique ability to provide creative options that routinely exceed client expectations.


LEGUS law firm members can serve clients in all major industries and practices AND they can serve clients around the world. In addition to practice areas, LEGUS members have the ability to service all industries.No doubt, with a worldwide presence of experienced lawyers, handling thousands of transactional and dispute resolution matters, there is virtually nothing that LEGUS members have not seen and/or done.

Some practice areas include: Bankruptcy Law, Business/Corporate law, Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Dispute Resolution, Environment, Energy and Resources, Financial Services, Intellectual Property, International Law, Labor and Employment, Maritime and Aviation, Public Contract Law, Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law, Real Property, Trust and Estate Law, Taxation


The long standing LEGUS member relationships based on trust and confidence, bind members together, making LEGUS member law firms uniquely qualified to deliver a high degree of value to every case. LEGUS members know each other well. When our members contact each other, the response is immediate, on target and the client is served effectively.

LEGUS members are independent law firms who work together to service clients with multi-jurisdictional needs. Each case is assigned a legal team depending on the jurisdictional needs and then managed by the LEGUS member who can most effectively lead the LEGUS team for the client. A LEGUS client only needs to explain their case once to a LEGUS member.

This makes life easier for any client by saving them time and money. Then, as the case moves forward, clients see the high priority given to cases served by multiple LEGUS member firms. The usual stresses attached to a multi-jurisdictional case are gone. There is certainly value in the peace-of-mind that comes with hiring LEGUS member law firms.

So, whether a simple case in a single jurisdiction or a multi-firm, multi-jurisdiction case, LEGUS member law firms serve clients with expertise, effectiveness and professionalism.

Every year, LEGUS member firms around the world are hired to handle thousands of valuable cases that require experienced legal minds. The processes involved with finding, briefing and managing law firms in multiple jurisdictions are eliminated when LEGUS member law firms are hired and managing the project. Clients can trust with a high-degree of confidence that the work will be well done, the work will be on time, and the work will be on budget.