IMG_6349LEGUS is an international network of high quality law firms located around the world.  LEGUS was founded in 1995 as a Michigan not-for-profit organization to assist law firms in better serving their clients as their needs for worldwide expertise expanded.   For 20 years, LEGUS members have developed trusted, valuable and respected relationships with each other.  When client’s needs go beyond their borders, a LEGUS member can contact almost 2500 trusted lawyers to help meet those needs.  LEGUS reflects a vibrant worldwide range of work and client referrals between member firms.  We build close relationships between our members through referrals, the legal and educational programming held at our meetings, and an exchange of information focusing on member law firm business operations.  Together these create true and lasting friendships within an environment of trust and confidence, which enhances our lawyer members as people and thus improves the quality of their legal performance and their ability to service their clients’ business needs.

125LEGUS was founded with three main goals in mind, all of which are meant to ensure their clients’ needs are met effectively.  Those three goals include;

  1. develop relationships that allow members to refer work between themselves for the betterment of their clients,
  2.  to educate lawyers and law firms in all aspects of law firm management and business operations and
  3.  to provide a non-competitive environment for members to share information among themselves to enhance their performance, the performance of their firm and to enhance their client service